Bringing the best of old world craftsmanship & today's leading technology & machinery to produce the highest level of every product to complete your luxury destinations & residential projects.

Our member factories & production facilities are of the few who can offer truly and completely bespoke/customized furnishings, cabinetry & stone finishing for projects worldwide - within the residential and hospitality markets, including cruiseships & privates yachts - the most demanding on perfection, coordination, customization & tolerances. Our factories are set up with production lines, machinery & material access for a limitless range of production. We are never modifying existing or “standard” pieces for our projects - but create the “standards” for our individual projects as details and dimensions require and allow for a streamlined Private Label Production.

Many of our factories have their machinery customized and privately built to allow for the details and mix of materials that providing Private Label production requires - very different from a typical production line, producing per standardized items and following a “calendar” of production.

Additionally, our factories maintain the human touch of craftsmanship in detail, finish and continuous quality control - combined with highly specialized top technology from today and tomorrow.